Voter Awareness Campaign (VAC)

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India is Democratic & secular Country, our Constitution has given right to Vote & Elect our representative for the Parliament. But most of Us Never goes for Voting. Do you know that an averagely only 40 % of People did their Voting & Rest of 60% People use to sites lazy at their Home & just played the game of blaming? Day by Day we are becoming neutral / Non Reactive & Helpless. We always think somebody will do welfare for us they will fight for us. They will stop corruption. Or we always asked Question to eachother, who will change this situation, they have to do like this & that, or we started to saying that nobody can do anything, nobody can change this Situation.

I said, we can change our Country Situation. At Least we can start to change. In Past also, No one come from Haven or any other Planet. All martyrs were from us only. They were we only. They were also a common people. But they decided to fight against the British, rather their partialities, corruptions, Injustice. They started Revolution against the system in 1857 & got victory 1947.We were Slaves of the British System in Past & now we are slaves of our Corrupted System. We can Change our System by changing ourselves. We have to start from us only. We have to take Oath that "I will not take bribe & will not give bribe"; I will not do fraud & will not help to do fraud. "Bribing & doing fraud means we are cultivating the corrupt System, Which will be definitely turn into Black Future of our Children. Money, Power, Authority Can gives us satisfaction, Comfort for a while only, not forever.

Common Men commonly blame the Politicians for corruption, under Development of our Country. But as we ever thought that who they are? Are they come from any other Planet? You will got the answer No, they are from us only. In fact they are we only.

If we all really want to make our Country non- corrupted & well Developed & wants to cultivate a Healthy System for bright future of our Children. Then everybody has to contribute, not in form of Money but in the form of changing of our attitudes, thoughts, Behavior by doing following simple things.

Do not Waste your Voting
How many of us know how many rights we have received from our Constitution. I know most of us do not know basic rights too. Forget about the other rights. Can we use our Voting rights Properly & Regularly? Most of us answer will be No.

We can stop corruption by electing a Well - Educated & well cultured, non corrupted Candidate. It is just Matter of gathering the Information about the candidates & chooses the Best & cast your Valuable vote to him/her.

But we do not do this, we just blame others and Politicians that they took bribe & give bribe for casting & receiving the votes. But what we did, Nothing. We just cast our votes by using traditional ways without any Inquiry & wait that they will run Government Properly as per our Fantasy. Ever we go again to Elected Candidate to ask him what you are doing for us. At least questioned about Road, Drainages, Streetlights, Gardens, School, and Public Transports Etc.

Just imagine the future of our children, and remember the following things

दानात दान, श्रेष्ठ दान मतदान !
पक्ष वा अपक्ष, मतदान करा निरपेक्ष !
आपण आहात समजुतदार, निवडाल योग्य उमेदवार !
मतदानाचा हक्क पाळा, भ्रष्टाचाराला घाला आळा !
थोडे घ्या कष्ट, उमेदवार निवडा श्रेष्ठ !
ज्याला आहे राष्ट्राचा अभिमान , तोच करेल खरे मतदान !
करा मतदान, जगवा स्वाभिमान !
आपण मतदान करूया, इतरानांपण मतदान करायला प्रवृत्त करुया !
मतदान आहे खुप महत्वाचे, करी कल्याण देशाचे !
जर उमेदवार निवडाल अभ्रष्ट, तरच तो करेल राज्यकारभार सुस्पष्ट !
शिक्षित, अभ्रष्ट उमेदवार करेल सुरळीत देशाचा कारभार !
मतदान करा, देश वाचवा !
आपल्या मुलांचे भविष्य करायचे असेल उज्वल, तर करा मतदानाची ज्योत प्रज्वल !
अभ्रष्ट नेता निवडावा, स्वाभिमानाचा झेंडा उंचवावा !
मतदान करू नका घेऊन लाच, येते संधी योग्य उमेदवार निवडायची पाच वर्षातून एकदाच !
भ्रष्टाचाराला जर करायचे असेल नष्ट, तर उमेदवार निवडा अभ्रष्ट !
अगर करना है महंगाई कम तो अच्छा उमेदवार चुनानेका रखे दम !
हर चुनाव मे करो मतदान, रखो अपने संविधान का सन्मान !
देशभाक्तोने किया अपने प्राणोका बलिदान, क्या हम नही कर सकते सिर्फ हमारा मतदान !
अगर आज हमने मतदान करनेकी नही ठानी, तो भ्रष्ट्राचारी करते रहेंगे अपनी मनमानी !
देश के स्वतंत्रता के लिये लढे मंगल पांडे से लेकर वीर सावरकर तक, हम युंही चुपचाप बैठे रहेंगे कबतक !
स्वतंत्रता सेनानियोने कहा अंग्रेजो भारत छोडो, कब कहेंगे हम भ्रष्टाचारीयोको अब तो खुर्सी छोडो !

All are welcome into VAC & contribute your thoughts & Spread this thought throughout the India & world through SMS, Social sites.

And Make a Banners & printed leaflets and do the campaigning in your area & wakeup the Voters. Go to door to door, inspired them for voting & help them, if needed, to go to the Voting Booth by using your private Vehicle, or just guiding them.

How to cast your vote
Vote for two instead of one candidate this time!

Dear Voters, I can understand, what's going on in your mind, we all are in little bit confusion state because of some changes Made by Election Commission in the Election Procedure & Reservations in the Wards.

All Over the Maharashtra as well in all State of India where Elections are going on, Voters have to cast their Vote as per the old way where the ward is unreserved & vote for two instead of one candidate where the wards are reserved. Here in below I will explain an Example of Pune Corporation Elections to understand the simple Voting Procedure.

After a gap of two terms, Puneites will once again get to vote a dual panel instead of a single candidate to represent them at the Pune Municipal Corporation. The entire 246 sq km area of the city has been divided into 76 such dual panels. The total number of corporators to be elected would as such be 152, up by eight from the existing strength of 144.

This would mean that the existing wards will undergo a drastic change in their geographical size and voter strength. Each panel will have a minimum of 30,000 votes, though in some cases this has gone up to nearly 40,000 to 50,000 voters.

Voters can cast their votes in favor of two candidates, one from Panel A and the other from Panel B. Each panel has a different reservation - schedule caste, schedule tribe, other backward classes, women and men (open category) and general, depending upon the lots that were drawn for each seat by the Election Commission at the start of the election process.

Each Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) will display two columns, A and B with a maximum of nine candidates under each column. Wherever the number of candidates exceeds nine, the respective polling station will have two EVMs.

To register their votes, voters will first have to press a button against the candidates they wish to choose from column A and then proceed to column B. However, if they opt to cast their vote in favor of only one candidate and prefer to skip the other, they will have to press the end button that appears at the bottom of the machine. This would help the machine register the vote as a valid one; in spite of the fact that only one vote has been cast.

Voters who cast only one vote, but do not press the end button should not be surprised to see the official present on duty doing this for them, as the EC has specially empowered them to do this. The EC reasoned this by saying, "We do not want to end up with a very large number of invalid votes and defeat the very purpose of the elections."